what’s her see diagnosis 0/5 (2)

Ex emails me about 100 times per day on average. Tries to poison my kids against me. Twists my responses. Emails my kids therapists (copies me) and goes on and on about her problems…not our kids. Kids are starting to mature and realize their mom isn’t normal. Therapists say to ignore her. Ex made a fake wedding website about me and my girlfriend. She refuses to pay for anything for the kids. We’ve been divorced for 5 years.

Deluded and Dangerous 5/5 (4)

I am not the ex-husband. He is my boy though.. and I have an interesting tale.

A bit of context. I have known Jay for about 15 years.. and the Ex Kate a bit longer. I introduced them. He was my closest friend and she was also a friend at the time. As their relationship lengthened she became jealous of me. I can recall a time I went to pick him up with a van load of people for a beach excursion. I brought him a frap from Starbucks that she promptly took out of my hand as I walked in the door and chucked it at his head. She was

screaming and carrying on.. he didn’t go to the beach that day. After that, I have spoken to him once – and perhaps texted 5x over the last 10+ years.. I wanted to give them a chance.. and not cause him problems. I wanted him happy.

I didn’t know how unhappy he was. His ex never worked – outright refused to get a job citing “Doing what is best for my child” (Yes, her child, not their child). Although there were years her kid didn’t live with them.

She was often abusive towards Jay. He has recounted a time in particular where he was driving down the freeway and she was punching him in the head screaming “F YOU! I WILL KILL US BOTH!”.

When I first moved in here this March I was looking around – asked about various holes/dents in the walls. He would explain that is from her throwing x at him.. one room has a couple stab holes in it – where she came over after the separated demanding money.. thousands.. he declined and she tried to stab him. He held her back and she stabbed the wall multiple times. He ended up paying her.

She left (he kicked her out) about 2 years ago. He wanted a divorce. He found several emails between her and various craigslist people (Emails sent from craigslist relay).. from the personals section.

Some of the emails I read (Have not read them all.. there is a lot and I barely care) was her trying to become a 3rd partner in a marriage.. when she sent the couple her photo she was rejected by them. Another was some military guy she was flirting with. The best one I have seen is where she is sending money to these random guys online for sex.. you know the money she hasn’t worked for..

This entire 2 year separation she has been telling Jay via text how much she loves him.. misses him.. she will never love another.. over and over. “Let’s stop the divorce, I know we can work things out”. Or she will send nasty text messages.. he hadn’t responded to either.

She goes over to Jays fathers place and tells him that she and Jay will work things out.. this is temporary.. (that was last month.. 30 days from divorce being final). Deluded.

Anyways.. Jay kicked her out. Kate went to live with her sister. After some amount of time.. 6 months.. maybe a year her sister calls Jay. Sister is Patty. Patty is wondering why Jay hasn’t given Kate any money. Patty explains she needs the rent from her to help out with finances. Jay is confused because he had been giving her 900.00 per mo. and a couple thousand dollars in a couple lump sums. Patty gets super mad because Kate hadn’t told her about the money and
insisted she couldn’t pay her anything.. apparently Patty and Kate fight.. and Patty kicks her out. I believe this was.. between Jan. and Mar. this year.

Because of the fight Patty decides to call Jay and tell him about all of Kates infidelities. All the guys she has gone out with since Kate had been staying there.. before Kate was staying there.. while Jay was out to sea..

And.. (this is a big one) Kate had told Jay that she was raped in a busy military bar parking lot. He tried to get her counseling.. she declined – tried to get her tested for STDs – she declined.. it never happened. Patty informed Jay that Kate had invited over a craigslist dude.. had sex in Kate and Jay’s marital bed and the random craigslister never called her back. She regretted the action.. and I am guessing she felt remorse and told a half truth to feel better.

Because of the whole jealous thing she hates me. With a burning passion. Which is fine of course.. she didn’t know I lived here until yesterday. Her sister came over to pick up a vehicle Kate abandoned and I answered the door. Do you guys want to see the texts that came in minutes after Patty left the property?

Too bad! I cant upload images.. but I can type them
out. Word for Word – nothing changed.. not typos, poor grammar or lack of punctuation.. except for the naughty words.. Warning.. these are very venomous on Jay’s part. To be fair he has been so good for a long time..

Kate: Talking about me being a whore how long u been f*ing that b* the whole time we were married I am so glad I got rid of you ya baby killer thats right u killed our child..i hope that ugly b* makes u happy cuz u make me sick!

Jay: I wish! It would have vastly improved on the quality of those years. Besides you killed more babies then I ever could. #defective

Kate: U did kill ours..your a dirty backstabbing whore..u keep that filthy b*..i tried so many times to get us help and u refused! U make me sick

Jay: We never had children cause you can’t have any. You need help though that’s for sure!

Kate: We had gone to doc appointment u were there! Keep that ugly whore I knew u been f*ing her this whole time you slimy b*

Jay: False. Positive.

Kate: U were there when the doctor said I miscarried f* u whore !!!!!

Jay: Lol you faked it like you faked the marriage!

Kate: U fake the marriage.. not I the doctor said it to your face! U f*ing loser.

Jay: He said you were not pregnant. To. My. Face…False. Positive.

Kate: Doctors notes whore!

Jay: Did you frame it? Like a grizzly trophy of your kill? You don’t get achievement points for most babies killed in the womb do you?

Jay: Rochelle wants to know how many points it’s worth?

I am Rochelle.. 🙂

Thankfully the divorce is final today. Soon she will be out of our lives.

Thanks for having a site like this where one can rant on in a barely-coherent fashion. She has caused us both so much time and anxiety it feels good to get this off my chest. And if you stuck around for the whole thing.. thanks for reading! 🙂

Histrionic Personality Disorder 2.6/5 (5)

My ex wife after 17 years marriage, never worked, didn’t clean house decided she wanted a life outside our home & two kids 15 & 16. It was a few old girlfriend’s from high school she started hang out with. Thats cool. Some point it became a boyfriend. Now she never lied before. Didn’t admit simple stuff but not outright liar. So after some time of over night stays I got suspicious but she calmed my mind. One day I asked where our tax return $ was. She wouldn’t answer. While she was out I go thru her closet & find motel receipts & $3000 cash but its not tax $. She finally says she spent tax $. $4500 in a month. Meanwhile bank shows she spends $ everyday. Her name & some a mans name on motel receipts. She won’t come home. So I go to her best friend & she tells all. 1.5 yrs of this. Find out she got pregnant & had abortion. She’s fat & barely around so what I know? Im to nice of a guy. Always have been. Then find out from her mom she had been diagnosed with histrionic person disorder. Later she says $ I found was tax $. No it wasn’t dumb bitch. When she comes home a new guy is with her but she swears he’s gay. She did have gay friends. But he wasnt gay. Anyway she spent $25,000 in 2 yrs plus $4500. Oklahoma none of that came be held against you. Divorced and gave her half. Oh & one time during sex she tried keep me from pulling out. Bcuz she wanted keep baby make me think was mine.